BANQUET — Global Evangelists Forum — Cleveland April 2nd. 2020

On  April 2nd 2020 at the Lockkeeper’s Restaurant (8001, Rockside Road, Valley View, OH) at 6pm, a banquet will be held to benefit the Global Evangelists Forum.

This organization seeks to recover God’s strategy for the proclamation of the good news of salvation in Christ-Jesus !  It seeks to help local churches identify, mobilize, train and deploy the evangelists that God has placed in their midst (Ephesians 4:11-13) in many countries around the world.  ( )

The gifts received will enable the Global Evangelists Forum to continue helping local churches in some 25 countries around the world to identify and train their evangelists.  They will specifically be used to organize a training event and a major evangelistic event in the Bukavu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This region is drastically impoverished and has suffered for many years from guerrilla attacks, corruption, exactions of all kinds and, especially, a campaign of terror using systematic rape as a weapon of war.  The Gospel of Jesus-Christ is the hope of this region.  We aim to bring a powerful proclamation of the Gospel to this major city and its surrounding population and to launch an ongoing grassroots movement of evangelism through the mobilization and the training of local church and regional evangelists. 

Kevin PALAU,  son of international evangelist Luis Palau and CEO of the Luis Palau Association, will be the keynote speaker.  “Good News for a Desperate World: Recovering God’s Strategy for local and global evangelism” will be his topic. 

Would you consider attending ?  Would you consider sponsoring a table ?

     * You can be a GEF Partner by sponsoring a table (seats eight) with a gift of $3,000

     * You can be a GEF Friend by sponsoring a table (seats eight) with a gift of $1,000

     * You can reserve an individual seat (or a few seats) 

To do any of the above, contact Daniel at 

Gifts and sponsorships are be given through United World Mission (earmarked for the Global Evangelists Forum — account 65475) at or by mailing a check to United World Mission — P.O.Box 602002 — Charlotte NC 28260-2002 designated for “The Global Evangelists Forum, account 65475

United World Mission (UWM - Charlotte, NC) is an EFCA approved organization and has agreed to process the donations given for the ministry of the Global Evangelists Forum.  It is entitled to provide tax deductible receipts. As the Global Evangelists Forum is registered as a foundation in the Netherlands, it is not a registered 501c3 in the US.  UWM is the sending agency of Daniel Liberek, president of the GEF.